Methods for Treating Male Frontal Hair Loss

Androgenetic alopecia or AGA is the most prevalent cause of frontal hair loss that is mainly a result of the male hormones. Baldness can be caused by androgenetic alopecia that only men having genetic predisposition for baldness, meaning to say there are men who are more prone to losing hair as compared to other men.

Typically, the hair loss begins at the frontal portion of the scalp and eventually affects the whole scalp until all the hair has fallen out.

Frontal Hair Loss

This problem is characterized by deep recession of hair on the frontal part or vertex balding that begins at puberty; however, the frequency of the frontal hair loss progresses with age. The hair loss begins at the front portion and then turns to end-stage balding in which about 50 to 60 percent of the hair is removed when the person turns 70. However, the frontal hair loss that is experienced in puberty may not get worse and the hair loss would only be 15 to 20 percent only.

The male pattern baldness affecting men who are genetically predisposed goes through a specific pattern of losing hair thus the name.

When frontal hair loss starts, the hair in the frontal region becomes shorter though this is not always the case, hairs may turn finer too. This would then result to absolute hair loss but not on the posterior and lateral margins of the scalp area where the hair is retained.

Dihydrotetstosterone, the testosterone derivative hormone, is known to be the reason for frontal hair loss. The scalp’s frontal region is the region that depends on androgen thus the testosterone in this portion of the head is easily converted into DHT or dihydrotestosterone. Because the testosterone levels reaches its peak at puberty, the DHT levels peak simultaneously and because of this frontal hair loss happens with puberty wherein the males become very conscious of their appearance.

Possible Options for Treatment

Because the men are very conscious with how they look, they would approach a hair restoration expert for help. There have been many advances in receding hairline treatment and they are quite helpful in allowing the frontal hair loss to become worse and eventually lose all the hair. Because hair loss would often start as a receding hair line, the hair grafts on the frontal portion could be performed on those people who are suffering from such problem.

An expensive solution is the hair loss restoration surgical procedure. However, there are other options for hair remedies that are less pricey, more effective and convenient allowing to reverse the receding hair line and to permit hair growth. Procerin is an effective solution in dealing with the frontal hair loss problem.

Typically, the hair loss solutions are highly effective when utilized at the hair loss’ earliest phase. When this is used at an earlier time, the product can prevent the condition from getting worse and teenagers can really enjoy their teen years without being judged due to frontal hair loss.

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