Why Most Hair Loss Pills Fail To Deliver Results

To many, hair loss appears as a rite of passage, something one is bound to go through as one progresses in age. The truth, however, is that in many cases, hair loss is reversible with the right care and treatments.

Finding a cure to hair loss has been perhaps as religiously pursued an interest in medicine as finding a cure for the common cold. But while the latter still seems unavailing, the former has already produced some very viable solutions that offer permanent cures for hair loss. But of course, there is still a lot of skepticism for the same. People often ask me: if there already are plenty of solutions available, then why is baldness still so prevalent?

The answer to this question would be twofold. One, there isn’t enough awareness about hair loss solutions. Many people suffering from this problem have pretty much resigned themselves to their (bald) fate and don’t try out any solutions. Two, people in general tend to follow the path of least resistance. After centuries of being sold snake oil with the promise of a permanent cure to hair loss, there is obviously some cynicism for any new, revolutionary solution to a problem that has plagued man since the very first days of history.

Many times, hair loss is hereditary. Meaning, if your parents/grandparents had early hair loss, then chances are, you will suffer the same fate. But more often than not, especially in today’s world, hair loss can also be caused by lifestyle and diet. It is no secret that stress plays a big role in the health of your hair and scalp. Excessive stress can lead to premature greying and early hair loss. Similarly, diet can also influence hair growth tremendously.

Despite the plethora of hair loss pills available on the market, few people see success with them because they refuse to change their lifestyle and diet. Consequently, these pills are branded as failures, whereas the truth is that these pills by themselves work quite fine, but need to be complemented with lifestyle changes.

If I were to say it bluntly: there is no easy solution to any problem, let alone something as complex as hair loss. Popping a pill will seldom fetch you the desired results. The only way to actually get a permanent solution is to make some serious changes to your lifestyle. This would involve cutting down on stress (hint: try meditation and exercise), eating healthy (also great for your heart and waistline!), and leading an all around healthier life. Do all this, and you will definitely see results from hair loss pills.

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